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Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Insurance
If asked, What is your largest asset?, most people tend to answer with their house, car, or cottage etc.   But how were those things acquired?  Unless they’ve won a lottery, most people would say with income from their jobs or their business.

Your ability to generate income is one of your most valuable assets.

Most people insure assets like their home, car, jewelry, electronics etc., but they give less thought to insuring their ability to generate income.

Disability insurance can help protect you from financial loss by replacing a percentage of your income to help you meet your financial responsibilities if a disability prevents you from being able to work.

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Critical Illness Insurance

If you suffered a critical illness, such as heart attack, stroke or life-threatening cancer, critical illness insurance can complement the benefits available through a disability insurance plan. Critical Illness insurance pays a one-time, lump-sum benefit to help with unexpected expenses such as medical treatment or drug costs not covered by the health care system, time off work for you or a family member or other costs associated with recovery. The lump-sum benefit can be used when you need it most and may limit your need to tap into other savings.
When’s the best time to get disability and critical illness insurance?
The most affordable time to buy disability and critical illness insurance is when you are young and healthy. These forms of insurance can provide value at many stages of life, because of the fundamental protection each provides and because each can be tailored to meet changing needs and budgets. 

To put income plans into perspective

, that can help protect your lifestyle, financial goals and allow you to focus on your future. Call us at 905-835-2417 or email to learn more about critical illness insurance needed to reduce life’s risks.